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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jun 10, 2023

Alan continues his journey by interviewing entrepreneurs at the 2023 Consumer Summit.  First up is Chip Hopper, creator of  A self-made editor.  He left his corporate job to do what he loves, read. From inception to writing, editing, and promoting the book.   Next is Troy Beckstead, Founder of AI13, a product line that caters to the automotive and offroad industries.  Troy did a total pivot during the pandemic and started his new company with just 13 products, hence the name.  Long-time friend Randy Garn is up next as he gives us three rules he lives by.  The Golden Rule is to treat others how you want to be treated. The Platinum Rule treats others the way they want, and the Gospel Rule treats others the way God would treat them.  These are great rules to live by.  Onto something sweet and yummy. Crumbl. CEO and Co-Founder James McGowan started by mastering the ultimate chocolate chip cookie.  And now, 800 stores later across the country, his franchise has done anything but crumble.  So, let's get ready to Crumbl!  All for one and one Fore All! Jen Clyde is here to introduce women's golf apparel.  Fore All was created to cater to modern-day women and to get them interested in the sport of Golf.  With 30 stores across the country, they have created a high-end line, with a jacket called the "Green," which allows you access to a chat forum that links everyday women to talk about life and golf.  Closing today's segment with Alan is Khaazra Maaranu, with, saying he is here to help entrepreneurs to build and protect their cash flow.   An electronic commerce that handles payment processing, banking, and people development.  


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