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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jun 3, 2023

Alan continues to interview successful entrepreneurs and inquires as to what they are all about.  First up is Andrew Smith - Managing Director of Savory Fund - Savory Group partners with restaurateurs to help them expand and improve their brand. They don't give the founders money, they invest financially and physically by bringing in teams to help back and operate the assets that they acquire.  So far they have nine brands in their portfolio and are gearing up for eight more.  You can check them out at

Next is Joana McKenna - Chief Executive Officer of  What is, well it is a marketplace where 3rd party sellers and brands can sell their goods from, apparel to home goods and consumable beauty products.  They are a "curated" marketplace, a one-stop shop for all your "Jane" needs.

Tiffany Peterson, Business and Life Coach with is next as she and Alan talk about connecting with people intentionally.  Cultivating relationships.  Showing up intentionally to let that person know they aren't being taken for granted.  That person is an employee, friend, and or even a lover.  How people feel in your presence matters.  For Tiffany, it's a feeling of a higher power, as she speaks of a spiritual sense.  

Closing the show with Alan is Tyler Babb - Founder of  Lablpx is a tech company that supports e-commerce merchants.  Their main focus is to help retailers improve their brand and purchasing experience. helped with the push and success of his business and say's the ecosystem here at the summit is just incredible and exciting.  To learn more visit Tyler at



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