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Entrepreneur Weekly

Aug 17, 2019

A great leader is often curated through their ability to overcome struggles with honesty and integrity. The ever evolving political landscape presents us with the opportunity to learn from the past and admire some of the challenges they conquered. Author of  “Young Lincoln of New Salem”, Sam Rawlins shares why he became passionate about President Abraham Lincon’s origin story. Honest Abe’s ability to climb out of bankruptcy, cope with the loss of his fiance, and still continue on to pursue his passion for the law eventually led him to gain the title of the 16th President of the United States. Sam details his personal past and how it led him to write a book about a man he admired greatly. Hear the tale of Abraham’s journey from store clerk to leading the country through the American Civil War. Next, we hear from a female entrepreneur who conquered some amazing obstacles to help save lives. Laura Towart, Founder and CEO of My Personal Therapeutics, explains how she fell in love with technology that allows scientists to utilize fruit flies for personalized cancer treatment. She tells us that she gave up her schooling to pursue this passion, lost her investors and even spent down to her last dime to be able to offer it to the world. Learn more about how Laura’s gut instinct made it possible for some to change their lives forever!

  • [00:00:00] Evolving Political Landscape

  • [00:05:33] Lincoln’s Entrepreneurial Journey

  • [00:11:30] From Bankrupt to President

  • [00:18:19] Fruit Flies to Save Lives

  • [00:24:37] Personalized Cancer Treatment

  • [00:33:21] Trust Your Gut Instinct