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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jan 29, 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show is a place of innovation, technological progress, and of course - business. Some may forget that before the flashy displays of modern-day “trade” shows, these big expositions, like CES and NAMM, were actually just that; trade shows where inventors, innovators, and creators met with marketers, investors, and business people of all types to hammer out deals based on new products. First up, NY Times #1 Best Selling Author of “The Power of Asking” and “Disrupt Your Brand”, Bardi Toto, explains how gratitude can be a powerful tool in business, why we shouldn’t be afraid to ask, and how success or failure in the realm of social media marketing will almost certainly be mirrored in your business endeavors. Then, Owner of Fearless Marketing, Ritchie Fliegler, and Vice President of Marketing and Artists Relations at Fishman, Chris Demaria, share why now is the time to bring Fishman to their first ever CES showing. With the advancement and convergence of the analog and digital music worlds accelerating, they’re here to show off the Triple Play Connect Guitar MIDI Controller to the showroom floor at CES. Closing out the show, Founder and President of Fishman, Larry Fishman, describes how the path he took as a young man to get to where he is today is worn over and doesn’t exist anymore. Younger generations have to find their own path through pragmatism and passion. Tune in to hear more from the floor of CES 2020.


[00:00:00] How Gratitude Can Be a Business Strategy
[00:05:37] The Power of Asking, Disrupt Your Brand
[00:11:30] Harnessing Social Media for Business
[00:18:20] Fishman Shows Triple Play at CES 2020
[00:26:50] Analog/Digital Music Tech Convergence
[00:33:21] As Old Paths Fade, New Ones Are Revealed