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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jan 6, 2024

T.J. Colaiezzi is the Founder and CEO of Life Brand, a company that helps people build a strong personal brand using social media. The idea of people sharing their lives online is here to stay, but Life Brand provides educational resources on how to strategically use social media to brand yourself, as well as what not to do. Social media is the first thing that employers and potential business partners look at to get a sense of who you are as a person, so it's important to have a positive and strong online presence. Life Brand has developed an AI-powered tool that can dig up and remove any harmful content that may affect your personal brand. 

T.J. talks about their company's progress and AI technology. They work with various clients, from small businesses to individuals. They are excited to be the presenting sponsor of an upcoming summit and give attendees free access to their technology for a year. Their service is affordable and offers a free social media check. The cost to clean up social media is $59.95 or $119 annually. They stress the importance of maintaining a positive online brand and how their service can help people achieve that. Visit to invest in “your” brand. 

Amelia Wilcox is the Founder and CEO of Nivati, an employee mental health and well-being platform for everyone. Her business, which previously offered corporate massages to promote employee well-being, was facing closure due to the pandemic in 2020. However, instead of allowing her business to disappear, Amelia took a different approach. She discovered that employees had real problems that required real solutions, which she needed to be equipped to handle alone. This realization led her to transform her corporate massage platform into an all-around mental health and well-being platform for everyone. During this period, Amelia also noticed her oldest daughter struggling with her mental health. As she embarked on a journey to find her daughter the help she needed, Amelia gathered the resources for a holistic approach to mental health. This approach supports people at every stage of their mental health journey, from corporate massages to various forms of therapy. Amelia encapsulated her success into three main points for entrepreneurial listeners. Firstly, she advises improving leadership skills and delegation to scale the company. Secondly, she emphasizes the importance of mentors and networking, believing that having mentors who are experts in their field is crucial for success. Lastly, Amelia talks about the significance of focus. Although it can be difficult to say no to good opportunities, the real power and ability to grow come from the painful focus and the ability to say no.

  • [00:00:00] Social Media Is Here To Stay
  • [00:06:02] You Are Your Brand
  • [00:12:29] Corporate Massages
  • [00:19:19] Just One More Business
  • [00:28:03] Everyone's Platform
  • [00:36:07] Encapsulating Her Success