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Entrepreneur Weekly

Oct 2, 2019

Did you know that approximately 15-million Americans suffer from food allergies? SAFE + FAIR Food Company addresses the unique needs of this growing audience by creating products featuring recognizable ingredients, stringent allergen protocols, and affordable pricing. CEO Will Holsworth breaks down how a direct-to-consumer business model keeps SAFE + FAIR competitive in the clean-label food space. Next, Alan journeys to the heart of New York City to attend the Breakthrough Mastermind event. Entrepreneur Top 10 Keynote Speaker, Founder of SD Media Holdings, and event host, Scott Duffy shares his most significant insights from the week-long NYC mastermind before previewing an upcoming experience with Navy Seals at the Coronado Naval Base in January 2019. Then, Randall Thompson, Founder and President of Thompson Mug Company, turned a moment of inspiration in a baseball dugout into a multimillion-dollar business. As the former Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher prepares for an epic licensing agreement, we find out how he’s weathered growing pains while quickly scaling his business. Finally, imagine teaching your employees with the help of interactive games. Scrimmage is a mobile training and education platform designed to provide a personalized, engaging, and fun learning environment for all ages. We explore the ‘gamification’ of education with Founder and CEO, Derek Lundsten.