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Entrepreneur Weekly

May 27, 2023

Alan is in Salt Lake City, Utah, attending the 2023 Consumer Summit Conference.  Thanks to Cydnie Tetro, CEO of Brandless, she has lined Alan up with a few entrepreneurs whom she feels have great stories and products.  If you haven't listened to the previous episode, Cydnie Tetro and her team created a platform that allows other brands to showcase healthier products for people's bodies, both in and out and at home.  "A consumer ecosystem", says Cydnie.  Let's grow together!

Next up is Trina Celeste - Co-Founder of A non-profit that is helping women transition into the technology industry.  Target group: moms.  The primary focus is to give them access to get into the tech world.  A two-month program to help transition them into a position that will allow them to utilize what they have learned.  To be the next web designer, or coder.  There is so much opportunity out there.  

Next is Vanessa Quigley - co-founder of Chatbooks. It's to help mothers get the pics of their phones into the hands of their families.  Take the photos and captions that are on your social media, and turn them into a book.  Every month open you would open the app, and it will serve up all the photos taken, you can choose 30 pics, and it turns it into a book…a real book, a screen-free experience to share with your kids and loved ones for just ten dollars.

Jeremy Andrus - President & CEO of Traeger Grills is up next as he explains the art of the Traeger.  It's a smart bbq that cooks to perfection, every time. You can taste the difference.  Joe Traeger, founded this in 1987 as he wanted a better way to cook food.  An innovation that never found its way to consumers.  However, Jeremy took innovation and technology to bring people together to make a flavorful world. Bon Appetit!

Lastly, - Madelyne Van Hoff - CEO and Founder of Sharehouse explains that what they are is an e-commerce community, that brings in brands and aligns them with really good resources.  ShareHouse is a venture-backed, female-founded, and run business built to support the e-commerce ecosystem.


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  • [00:12:29] ChatBooks
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  • [00:28:30] Perfect every time
  • [00:36:09] Sharehouse