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Entrepreneur Weekly

Aug 26, 2023

Derral Eves, the Executive Producer and Co-Founder of "The Chosen" TV series, was recently welcomed by Entrepreneur. During the interview, he shared his passion for entrepreneurship and his goal of creating an audience that would appreciate like-minded films. He emphasized the importance of engaging the audience and creating shareable, intentional content that defines the brand. Derral's vision was to translate his mission and purpose into the TV show, with the audience being the top priority. He believed that the viewers' engagement could become a social army that would promote the show and become an engine for its success.  Derral started his journey in the agency in 1999, where he helped businesses be found online. He had a passion for creating commercials from a young age, but his path led him to YouTube, where he learned about embedding videos onto websites. He then began creating commercial content for over 800 clients, utilizing YouTube for web design. He eventually shifted his focus to creating content on YouTube that people would talk about, resulting in over 91 billion views of content he made. Derral's mission is to help other entrepreneurs leverage the creator economy before losing the opportunity. He is hosting the Vid Summit in October, which is the business side of the creator economy for content creators who post anywhere online. It is a platform to help budding entrepreneurs with content as a part of their strategy and to help them leverage the opportunity. 

Next Entrepreneur recently featured Seth Taylor, Chief Experience Officer at Angel Studios. Angel Studios was founded by the Harmond brothers, who created a content filtering service that allows users to remove inappropriate content from existing movies. However, they realized that producing new content and telling stories could be a more effective way to engage audiences. To raise funds, Angel Studios employs a "pay it forward" approach, wherein people can purchase tickets for others to watch their programs and movies. The Chosen was originally behind a paywall, but its popularity made it available to a larger audience through monetary donations that allowed others to stream it. Angel Studios collaborates with its audience through its crowd-sourced program, The Gild, which asks two questions: Does the story amplify light, and how disappointed would you be if this film was not made? Feedback and comments from the audience are used to create new content. Angel Studios is a platform that promotes stories of light and also offers collectibles to those who have crowd-funded. These collectibles provide digital ownership of a particular frame from a favorite scene, allowing users to share why they chose that scene and what it means. As Chief Experience Officer, Seth Taylor helps the product team to market their app and reach a wider audience.

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