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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jan 22, 2020

Alan is on site at CES 2020 in this week’s episode, bringing us an entrepreneurial perspective on the world’s most massive electronic technology exposition. Founder and CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, David Meltzer, drives home the importance of kindness, authenticity, knowing and being faithful to who you are, and empowering other people in business. From his work on Elevator Pitch to penning his own books, like “Connected to Goodness” and “Game-Time Decision Making”, David has built a career through these principles and has made it his life goal to empower 1,000 people to empower 1,000 people ad infinitum. Next up, Founder and CEO of Livestream and Mevo, Max Haot, explains how the complicated and difficult nature of live streaming events influenced the creation of the Mevo camera. Now, Mevo is set to release the Mevo Start, an entry level live streaming camera for just $299. Then, we chat about the Sony Vision-S concept car,  what it means to Sony, and the auto industry at large, with AEE Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Kahn. We also discuss the Hyundai S-A1, an Air Taxi developed in partnership with Uber to take our travel to the next dimension.