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Entrepreneur Weekly

Apr 22, 2018

Nurturing Next Generation Entrepreneurs, Building Relationships that Last


Over $40-billion in revenue, 100,000 employees, and 1,000 store locations: Dick Schulze, Best Buy Co., Inc. Founder and Chairman Emeritus, grew the franchise into the world’s largest multi-channel, consumer-electronic retailer. While Dick takes great pride in Best Buy’s tremendous economic impact, he is also passionate about nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs through the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas, and annual Schulze Entrepreneurship Challenge. We get a behind-the-scenes look into the 2018 competition from the grand prize winners, Meghan Sharkus and Jackie Page of ExpressionMed. Then, Nate Lind absolutely hates going to trade shows – the over-eager salesmen, stuffy atmosphere, and surface level conversation is enough to scare off the heartiest of entrepreneurs. That’s why he founded ADSUM, the ‘anti-trade-show trade show’ that helps e-Commerce marketers make powerful connections. Nate tells us what to expect at the upcoming ADSUM event in October. Plus, Nate shares his top two tips to vet potential business partners.

  • [00:00:00] World’s Largest Consumer Electronics Retailer
  • [00:05:48] 2018 Schulze Entrepreneurship Challenge
  • [00:11:31] Lessons Learned from Budding Entrepreneurs
  • [00:18:21] ADSUM: The 'Anti-Trade-Show' Trade Show
  • [00:26:33] Build Stronger Personal Relationships
  • [00:33:22] Perform Due Diligence with Business Partners