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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jun 8, 2019

There’s is nothing quite like the feeling of your excited dog greeting you with pure joy the moment you walk in your front door. There is a company that has captured that feeling in a brand and we talk with Co-Founder of Dog is Good, Gila Kurtz, about how they did it. Their stylish, four-legged friend accessories have managed to resonate with customers hearts and can be found everywhere from Advanced Auto to Nordstrom. Find out how you can conquer the entrepreneurial setbacks when you're turning your passion into a career and where you can pick up a t-shirt that sums up the sentiment you feel for your canine best friend. Then, we discuss the value of a trusted relationship with strategic partner, Kevin Thompson, who has made over 600 successful business partnerships. Kevin explains how he began forming these symbiotic connections and what they have helped him achieve in his career. Join us to learn how to surround yourself with a solid network of entrepreneurs, avoid certain mistakes, and find success while helping others achieve it as well.

  • [00:00:00] Capturing Lightning in a Bottle
  • [00:04:57] A Leap of Faith for Your Passion
  • [00:11:30] Show Up to Face Challenges
  • [00:18:21] Value of a Trusted Relationship
  • [00:26:02] Connect with High-Quality Clients
  • [00:33:21] Create Solid Strategic Partnerships