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Entrepreneur Weekly

Dec 18, 2019

Stop being your own worst enemy in business. First up, Founder of Rebels for Joy and Speaker, Author, and Coach, Bonnie Kelly, shares her amazing story of struggle and success. We discover how to use ‘mindfu’ to get to the bottom of what is holding us back and causing us to self-sabotage our own business interests. Then, Host of Growth Mindset University and Author of Amazon #1 Best-Selling book, The Podcast Playbook, and Founder of Jordan Paris Marketing and Production Jordan Paris, fills us in on how hard work, perseverance, and the three simple principles of having fun, helping people, and making lots of money inform all of his decisions. Tune in and learn how to get ahead in business.


· [00:00:00] Joy is the Meaning of Life
· [00:05:49] Self-Sabotage is Your Biggest Enemy
· [00:11:30] Rebels for Joy - Exercise Your MindFu
· [00:18:21] Hard Work and Perseverance Pay Off
· [00:26:28] Why Jordan Only Interviews His Heroes
· [00:33:22] Have Fun, Help People, Make Money