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Entrepreneur Weekly

Oct 23, 2019

The fast-paced flow of our current society has led to an epidemic of silent suffering caused by being overworked, unhealthy, and disconnected from our roots. We dive deep into a conversation about the lack of the expression of love in the workplace with Raj Sisodia, Professor at Babson College, Co-Founder of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., and Author of The Healing Organization. He shares some statistics that put this crisis in perspective and help it move to the forefront of our minds in order to make a change. Discovering and healing your own trauma can transform you into a better leader for your employees, customers, community, and loved ones. Raj believes that every organization should create an environment that allows space for the voicing of our humanity and room for expressing our true nature, love. Listen for Raj’s tips on how to fortify your company with conscious thinking and change the world. 

  •         [00:00:00] Create a Healing Environment
  •         [00:05:37] Cornerstones of Our Humanness
  •         [00:11:30] We Need Conscious Leadership
  •         [00:18:21] Powerful Childish Innocence
  •         [00:26:14] Roots of Suffering in Business
  •         [00:33:21] Measure Success with Service