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Entrepreneur Weekly

Oct 3, 2020

Join Alan as he talks with Jessica Burlingame, Founder and Principal of Agon Advisors, innovators in dynamic talent development, about how she wanted to bring that spirit of gathering and of competition into her business and work. She works with people to pay attention to what is happening with their bodies while in the workplace, such as where your breath is coming from, what your pulse is doing, and about how to find the energy you need to focus on specific tasks. She says when you combine your energy, focus and agility together you become your best self. 


Next we hear from Jennifer Mackin, ForbesBook author of Leaders Deserve Better: A Leadership Development Revolution, and a leader of two consulting firms - CEO of Oliver Group, Inc. and president and partner of Leadership Pipeline INstitute US. She talks about being prepared as a leader during a crisis, why exclusive focus on the competency of a leader isn’t useful, and how leaders need to be involved in the development of new leaders. Finally, Alan and Jennifer talk about places where CEOs can get support to be the best boss and leaders they can be.



  • [00:00:00] Jessica Burlingame From Agnon Advisors
  • [00:05:46] Energy Management for Vitality
  • [00:11:3] Mental Energy, Focus, and Agility
  • [00:18:21] Jennifer Mackin on Preparing Leaders for Crisis
  • [00:24:4] Leaders Developing New Leaders
  • [00:33:23] Where Leaders Can Go To Get Support