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Entrepreneur Weekly

Dec 12, 2020

Alan is accompanied by Christian Schauf - Founder and CEO of Uncharted Supply Co - and they talk about how 17% of all small businesses in America are closed for good, because of the pandemic. Alan is seeing survival prepping meals at multiple stores right now, because people want to be prepared for a worse case scenario. Christian goes onto talk about how when he moved from Wisconsin to California he noticed that whole towns would shut down for 2 inches of snow and it made him think about what would happen during an actual emergency situation. Christian then started his company so that others would always have the supplies they need and be prepared incase of emergencies. Christian talks about how 90% of the time a crisis is resolved in 72 hours, so he resolved to make a kit to get you through that amount of time with detailed instructions on what to do. They talk about how everyone needs to have an emergency plan in place, like the 72 hour survival kit. We can’t wait until something happens and then try and get supplies. They talk about how being an entrepreneur is liking trying to survive and not knowing if you are going to be ok or not. Entrepreneurs need to always be looking ahead and be prepared for emergencies.

Alan continues his day with Kevin Shulman - A Certified Sandler trainer and author of Goal Setting Book Camp - They talk about how it is the height of goal setting season right now because this is the time of the year where we reflect on the year that is ending, what we have and have not accomplished, and we start to think about what we would like to do next year. Kevin talks about seeing restaurants, almost overnight, shift from being dining only to take out only. This immediate shift is what saved companies and the ones who didn’t went under. Alan talks about having a gym and since he can’t have it open, he is going to build some apartments out of it. Kevin says that you have to be willing to pivot with your business or else you will get stuck. Alan says that sometimes you have to stop keeping score, but Kevin says that it’s not worth playing if you aren’t keeping score. Kevin talks about how every person in a company knows exactly where they stand and who is doing better than them.  Kevin believes that goal setting is serious business, it’s not something to do casually. Most people spend more time planning a two week vacation than they do the rest of their lives. When you don’t spend a lot of time planning out a goal, it usually doesn’t get accomplished. Goals should be written down. Nothing feels better when you write down some goals and then achieve them.

  • [00:00:00] Survival Meals with Alan and Christian Schauf 
  • [00:05:49] 72 Hours in Crisis
  • [00:11:30] Survival Kits with Instructions
  • [00:18:21] Goal Setting 101 with Kevin Shulman
  • [00:26:35] Knowing Where You Stand
  • [00:33:23] Accomplish and Achieve Feels Good