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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jun 3, 2020

If there’s one thing businesses and entrepreneurs should take away from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s learning to outsource and incorporate storytelling and remote work into their culture. Branded Media Chief Growth Officer, Jeff J Hunter, discusses the increasing number of people working from home and how his business has been able to leverage talented workers from all over the globe to fulfill their client’s needs. We also discuss how the traditional view of people who work from home isn’t quite right, and why they may be the hardest workers on the team. Jeff then gives us his essential five pillars of marketing expertise and explains why captivating storytelling is imperative for effective marketing.


  • [00:00:00] Introducing Jeff J Hunter
  • [00:05:23] Jeff’s History, and Outsourcing
  • [00:11:30] Building a Virtual Remote Team
  • [00:18:20] Working at Home, Harder Than You Think
  • [00:26:44] The Power of Good Storytelling
  • [00:33:21] 5 Pillars of Marketing Expertise