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Entrepreneur Weekly

Sep 22, 2018

Struggles and Strengths of the Connected Era:

How can you achieve work/life balance in a digitized world? That smartphone in your pocket is often a mainline to work, enabling you to stay connected to the office whenever and wherever you are. The growing demand for employees to remain ‘always on’ presents unique challenges like impaired mental health and increased burn out. Millennial consultant, future of work policy advisor, and CEO of Lovell Corporation, Kelly Lovell, explains how business owners and employees can address modern hurdles. Next, have you ever struggled to navigate clunky software? Chad Atkinson, Managing Partner at SolutionStream, says, “If you have to tell somebody how to use a piece of software, we feel that you've missed the mark." Chad shares how SolutionStream is keeping customer service and user-friendly software at the core of their SaaS solutions. Then, imagine watching a video of your favorite social media influencer and being able to purchase items you see on screen. Kartiva is turning online video content into a shop-able experience. This technology could be a game-changer for retailers; Ryan Kell announces that Kartiva users are reporting a 50-100% increase in dollar value per customer. Learn more about this innovative new shopping tool.

  • [00:00:00] Work Challenges for 'Always On' Generation
  • [00:06:20] Do You Need a Social Media Cleanse?
  • [00:11:30] Bridging the Generation Gap at Work
  • [00:18:21] Building Nimble Software Solutions
  • [00:23:48] Keeping Customer Service in Software