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Entrepreneur Weekly

Mar 20, 2021

Joann Lublin - Longtime Wall Street Journal career columnist and author of Power Moms joins Alan as they discuss the journey women have taken to become successful business women.  Joann talks about her book and how she interviewed women who are in places of power and are mothers.  From mothers to entrepreneurs, women are making a rise in the business world.  Kristin lee - Entertainment Business Manger and Founder of KLBM, talks about how she has clients from all over the world and she helps them navigate different policies and restriction that they aren't familiar with.  She shares how robotic men are when it comes to running a business in comparison to women who are more caring and nurturing.  Alan shares how there is a huge rise in women in businesses.  Kristin closes the show by saying, know your worth and to make sure you set boundaries, know when to say no.

  • [00:00:00] Places of Power and a Mother
  • [00:06:33] Working Moms to Entrepreneurs
  • [00:11:31] Family Oriented
  • [00:18:22] Rise UP!
  • [00:25:23] Robotics
  • [00:33:22] Know Your Worth