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Entrepreneur Weekly

Feb 12, 2022

Entrepreneurs are gonna take over the world!  Alan welcomes Rohan Sheth - Founder of  Rohan shares how he came into this world with a Golden spoon only to have it gone in a blink of an eye.  Having to move to Canada as a young lad with his parents to start over, he quickly adapted and advanced in the assembly of a fast food chain.  Rohan was offered the keys to the kingdom and denied it for he knew running a fast food chain was not what he was put on earth for.  He then took on a door to door sales position and excelled in that area all the while going to school to become a pilot.  Still that is not what he desired to do or in other words, Rohan was bored.   Eventually the skillset he developed in sales exploded into a whole new world when he founded GrowRev.  It's a direct response paid advertising agency.  His company helps other companies grow their revenue.  Alan asked what are three things he would share with upcoming entrepreneurs?  One, believe in yourself no matter how hard it gets.  Two, when you develop and know your skillset, bring it to the world.  And three, share your story.  

Up next is Jeff Hunter - Founder of Crypto Gaming Team.  Alan asks Jeff to break it down for everyone.  What is crypto?  It is a form of decentralized finance.  No bank controls your money, but the consequence is when you lose it, you lose it.  It's all about being able to take your currency and give it to someone else.  No middle man in between.  It's about belief and trust, it's a culture coin.  He said he developed Crypto gaming to you are able to take your tokens from one place to another and even turn them into real money.  His hopes is that this will eventually solve world poverty.  Jeff says it's a Metaverse that gives you the ability to move digital assets from one place to another.  You are in control of your money not the banks!

  • [00:00:00] Who is Rohan?
  • [00:05:51] From Riches to Rags
  • [00:11:31] No Golden Cuffs for me!
  • [00:18:54] Crypto Gaming Team
  • [00:27:57] Decentralized Finances
  • [00:33:51] Who's Money Is It?