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Entrepreneur Weekly

May 20, 2020

As we continue to grapple with the reality of a locked down world, we need to pivot our business and marketing models, or perish in the winds of change. Our first guest, Global Product Director for Google Ads for Small Businesses, Kim Spalding, stresses the importance of rolling with the punches and knowing how to use the digital marketing world to your advantage. Learn how to reach out to customers and let them know how to best interact with your business, how to use video to your advantage, and get some great tips with Kim. Next up, Redline Steel Founder and CEO, and Military Veteran, Colin Wayne, give us some interesting marketing tips for small businesses in these uncertain times that have helped his business keep growing strong. Closing out the show, Alan discusses the entrepreneurial spirit and how important it will be to rebuilding America after this pandemic is over. Tune in for great entrepreneurial and business advice. 


  • [00:00:00] Tips for Stay Up to Date with Digital
  • [00:05:33] Using Video to Up Your Game
  • [00:11:30] Let Customers Know How to Interact
  • [00:18:20] The Mentality of Giving, a Caring Heart
  • [00:23:17] Redline Steel’s Marketing Strategies
  • [00:33:21] The Spirit of Entrepreneurs