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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jul 29, 2018

Lessons from Entrepreneurial Greats at an Exclusive Genius Network Event:

We continue our special event coverage from a Genius Network fishing expedition in Steamboat Bay, Alaska. First in the hot seat is Emmy award winning director, producer, and best-selling author, Nick Nanton of DNA Films. With 56 films under his belt, Nick has made a career out of powerful storytelling and will soon be tackling the subject of entrepreneurship in an upcoming documentary, “Masters of Success”. Nick shares key insights he’s gleaned from business greats like Richard Branson, Peter Diamandis and Larry King. Next, there is no denying that artificial intelligence is on the horizon for businesses big and small. Howard Getson, CEO of Capitalogix, predicts that the advent of AI is going to be as dramatic for society as the invention of electricity. Find out how Capitalogix is using AI and machine learning to stay on the bleeding edge of trading in a complicated global market. Then, after a stage 3A colorectal cancer diagnosis, serial entrepreneur and 13-time #1 bestselling author, Mike Koenigs of You Everywhere Now, was faced with two grim prospects: the end of his life and the death of his business. While undergoing chemotherapy treatments, Mike focused his intentions on helping others succeed and wrote his first book, “Author Expert Marketing Machines”. Flash forward, we learn about Mike’s most recent self-help manual, “Cancerpreneur”, a 5-step survival guide to thriving personally and professionally during a fight with cancer. Wrapping up the episode, Randy Garn, CMO of Skipio, shares the benefits of networking events which foster collaboration with peers and stimulate out-of-the-box thinking.

  • [00:00:00] Filming Operation Underground Railroad
  • [00:05:09] "Masters of Success" Documentary Series
  • [00:11:30] Artificial Intelligence and Future Industry
  • [00:18:21] Taking Care of Business, Battling Cancer
  • [00:27:01] Top Achievers vs. Top Performers
  • [00:33:22] Genius Network Alaskan Fishing Expedition