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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jan 1, 2020

When you think of wine, you might think of a bottle, or even a box, but a can? Ryan Harms, Owner and Founder of Union Wine Company, has built an empire around canned wine in southern Oregon, and has seen year over year growth of 40% or more! We  discover the journey that took him from Winemaker to CEO of the largest canned wine distributor. It wasn’t all profit and glory, and Ryan has perhaps the biggest tip for any aspiring entrepreneurs: don’t lose sight of the thing that matters most on your path to success - your family. Next up, we learn about the burgeoning cannabis industry and how to build a successful business around these previously shunned products with Founder and CEO of Global Cannabinoids, Ryan Lewis. There is still much we don’t know about this miracle plant, but new research has revealed its unique ability to produce cannabinoids, or ingredients found within hemp and marijuana plants, that can perform a variety of medical functions. From sleep aids to cancer treatment, the possibilities are endless. Also, find out how a focus on building relationships, maintaining clear communication, and market research positioned Ryan to become the first global B to B, bulk seller of hemp. Tune in to get great tips for your business from Entrepreneur Weekly.


  •      [00:00:00] Union Wine Company’s Meteoric Growth
  •      [00:05:50] Ryan Harms’ Journey: Winemaker to CEO
  •      [00:11:30] The Number 1 Mistake Entrepreneurs Make
  •      [00:18:20] Building a Cannabinoid Business
  •      [00:27:11] The Science of Growing Cannabinoids
  •      [00:33:21] Communication, Marketing, and Research