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Entrepreneur Weekly

Nov 13, 2021

Alan welcomes actress, author, and producer Mariel Hemingway.  Mariel discusses her doctors.  Dr. Sun, Air, Water, Exercise, Nutrition, Earth, and Rest.  She explains finding your balance and slowing things down so you're able to stay in the moment is the key to discovering who you are.  Mariel believes everything you need to help you can be found in nature.  She reminds everyone that nobody knows you better than you do.  Listen to your inner voice.  

Up next is Allison Hartsoe, Author of The Age of Customer Equity and CEO of Ambition Data.  Allison shares the framework needed to create Customer Lifetime Value.  To listen, learn, and lead.  She explains the necessity to create direct relationships with your customer.  It's a maturity curve.  To listen, learn, and lead your customer allows you to create "Customer Lifetime Value", and you can do this through data.  Allison say's companies who use data for the good, there's no reason for it not to thrive.  

  • [00:00:00] Doctor's In The House
  • [00:05:58] Sense of God
  • [00:11:30] Balance
  • [00:18:52] The Age of Customer Equity
  • [00:27:41] Maturity Curve
  • [00:33:52] Lifetime Value