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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jan 15, 2022

Alan welcomes his first guest Evan Goldberg - Founder and EVP of Oracle NetSuite.  It's a company designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. From 11,000 companies to over 27,000 companies in the past five years have turned to NetSuite to help with their hypergrowth. Evan says during this time of dislocation and disruption there is a lot of opportunity.  Companies are being built in the "new normal".  One of the biggest changes is selling directly to consumers because the retailers are less reliable.  Evan goes on to share the 5 benefits that his company provides.  Visibility, being able to see around the bends.  Agility, to be able to respond to changes.  Control, knowing what is happening so there is no potential loss.  Automation, we help eliminate manual tasks to allow one to focus on their mission, and lastly Collaboration, being able to work and communicate on ideas.  Alan say's you need the right tools in this entrepreneur world and using artificial intelligence for practical application is the answer for the future. 

Joining Alan next is Author of "The Cactus and Snowflake at Work", Devora Zack.  What is the "Cactus and Snowflake"?  It's the description given for the Thinkers and the Feelers.   Thinkers feel and Feelers Think, say's Devora.  Most of us are in the middle.  She say's your life is an Ecosystem and the 3 main differences between a Cactus and a Snowflake are:  The cactus leads with it's head and a Snowflake leads with it's heart.  The cactus is analytical and the snowflakes are empathetic. And lastly, the cactus are direct in conversation as the snowflakes are diplomatic in situations.  She believes we can work together and be symbolic which will allow us to understand ourselves and others better.  Devora explains how we are all different and how we respond to things in the world shows so.  She reminds us that we can't compare our insides with other people's outsides.  In her book she say's the term NAY - Not About You.  Most people's behaviors and mood having nothing to do with you.  We need to learn to mind one's business.  Devora also shares that we have 3 things we can control.  Our thoughts, our words, and our actions.  It's ourselves that can change and improve in order to have a better relationship with others.  People are who they are.  Develop a mantra that will allow you to be able to deal with certain things in today's world.

  • [00:00:00] The Oracle
  • [00:05:18] 5 Benefits
  • [00:11:30] Right Tools
  • [00:18:50]  Cactus or Snowflake?
  • [00:26:38] Internalizing and Projecting
  • [00:33:51] Mind Your Business