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Entrepreneur Weekly

Sep 11, 2021

Alan welcomes James Burton, Chief Growth Officer at Personal Capital.  Turning a crisis into an opportunity is the question of the hour.  Alan asks James how do you define a crisis?  James says it's a time of great potential change, coming out of a situation of stress or problems.  James has spent about 30 years in the industry like Schwab and Fidelity.  He loves working close to consumers.  To help them achieve their dreams.  Alan says he doesn’t want to live in fear or mistrust and wants to move forward, so he asks James how do you turn a crisis into an opportunity.   James says to look at your company and determine if the crisis is occurring directly to you or maybe it’s an opportunity you see through the crisis of your environment.  But to figure out what it really means to you as an individual and or a leader.  How to use crises to build value for your clients or company and to grow your career.  Alan says personal growth is business growth.  He then quotes Winston Churchill, “Never let an opportunity go to waste.”   James tells a story in hopes to help ease Alan's mind about who or how to trust when it comes to his net worth.  He goes on to say that the new technology in Personal Capital, lets you see all of your finances and or net worth in one place, also known as your financial dashboard.  Alan wants to know what he did to have a great financial year in 2020 as well as how can you continue to pull me out of the mistrust in the Wealth Management industry?  James talks about how you can set yourself up in your financial life by creating your financial dashboard.  From there the Wealth Management industry comes in and helps you make a plan and get you invested.  Where do I start?  If you have time, open the dashboard, put your accounts in there or call us and we will help you figure that out.   What are you trying to achieve, what are goals, what are you saving for?  That's the conversation you want to have when you want to invest your money.  Up next the the Entrepreneur world is Jennifer Gottlieb, Co-Founder at Super Connector Media.  SCM is a PR and Marketing agency and an educational company.  They represent authors, speakers, to founders of fortune 500 companies.  The educational part is where we teach entrepreneurs, or business owners, anybody with a service, product, or story, how to be visible.  So they can be recognized as experts in their  space.  From challenges to boot camps.  Mindset work! Jennifer tells her story about how she got to where she is at.  Media is her key component.  Alan says the rock bottom moment is actually rebirth or born again moment is such an important place for people.  Jennifer shares a bit of how they help build entrepreneurs.  The Creation Process.  It has 5 steps.  If you can see it, believe it, speak it, receive it, and repeat it.  The last and hidden step is, then to DO IT!  One of Jennifer's favorite quotes is, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets the moment of opportunity”.  Last but not least, the next step is the,  "Confidence Continuum". It is a tool to make you confident.  The 5 C’s.  Clarity, commitment, connection, creation, and celebration.  Need more info or clarity you can visit Super Connector


  • [00:00:00] Personal Growth is Business Growth
  • [00:05:27] Financial Dashboard
  • [00:11:30] Wealth Management Industry
  • [00:18:20] Boot Camp!
  • [00:27:01] Creation Process
  • [00:33:22] Confidence Continuum