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Entrepreneur Weekly

Nov 21, 2020

Alan has a visit with Craig Greiwe - Craig says that social media is really just an advertising platform and is bad for you, so just delete it. You think you are on there to reconnect with an old friend or family member, but the site is just using them to be able to show you advertisements. They talk about how ads used to be high quality, generalized ads, but now they are using shock trooper tactics to get you to click on the ad. We could have a lot better content on these sites, if we were able to focus on exactly what people want. There is too much content out there right now and it clutters up target advertising. Craig talks about how investing in your house isn’t a good financial plan anymore. You should be investing your money in the stock market instead of your house. We need social media platforms that aren’t driven by making money off of advertising. We also need to restrict access so that way it is full of just people. Craig says that companies need to be careful who they politically support and to make sure that they promote good qualities over a specific group. Alan thinks it’s a slippery slope when companies support politicians. 

Alan is graced once again with Ruth King - President of Business Ventures Corporation and author of Profit or Wealth. They talk about how to deal with mean bosses. Sometimes you need to adjust your career and find a place where you will thrive. Ruth says that if a boss yells or is angry towards employees that they are then going to act the same way to customers. Don’t publicly chew someone out and don’t blame a whole group of people for one person’s mistake.  Alan says that being yelled at can cause you to have some PTSD, so it should not be allowed in the workplace. Bad bosses think that you should be able to read their minds. Good bosses write down policies and procedures, so that way there can be no confusion. He says that sometimes you just have to walk away from an angry boss.  Ruth suggest that before you fire an employee you should give them a career adjustment program as an option. Sometimes bosses yell at you because they are simply having a bad day. The next day, after your boss has calmed down, you can talk to them about what happened.


  • [00:00:00] Social Media is Bad for You Says Craig Greiwe
  • [00:05:16] Shock Tactics Get Your Attention
  • [00:11:32] Who You Support Politically is a Slipper Slope
  • [00:18:22] Career Adjustment with Ruth King
  • [00:26:10] Bad Bosses vs Good Bosses
  • [00:33:24] Career Adjustment or Let Them Go?