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Entrepreneur Weekly

Dec 11, 2021

Alan is joined by Amanda Holmes - CEO of Chet Holmes International.  She is a second-generation business owner.  Her father wrote a bestselling book titled, “The Ultimate Sales Machine. Immediately Alan dives into wanting to know how to increase one’s sales for the upcoming year.  Amanda gracefully turns it around and offers, 3 things holding you back? First, it’s people! Because of COVID, people were able to sit and think with themselves and realized they weren’t happy where they were at in their jobs.  Which leads to, Skill Set!  The people you are hiring. The Belief Driven Employee!  The Pay, The Career Advancement, and How are you showing your commitment to do positive things while creating an environment of flexibility and remote options.  Employees want to feel they are taken care of, that they are doing something positive for society.   Secondly, it’s the Shiny Object Syndrome!  Average consumer spends 10 hours a day on media platforms.  Proactive vs. Reactive.  How can you truly stay focused on anything if you're constantly being sidetracked?  Finally, leadership.  Different levels of growth start from the leader.  Having systems in place. Amanda then entices us with 4 out of 6 things that having in place allows you to be proactive.  1.  Touch it once! 2.  List off the top 6 things you need to do.  3.  Allocate the time needed to complete them and 4. Prioritize by putting into your schedule.  Alan ends the show with a heartfelt question, how do you live a rich and full life?  Amanda’s answer, Your Intention. In service, gratitude, and humbleness.  To enjoy the fruits of the labor.


  • [00:00:00] 2nd Generation Business
  • [00:06:22] Skill Set
  • [00:11:30] Shiny Object Syndrome
  • [00:18:52] Levels of Growth
  • [00:26:28] Prioritize Your Time
  • [00:33:53] Rich and Full Life