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Entrepreneur Weekly

Mar 23, 2024

Alan is speaking with Cydni Tetro, President and Co-Founder of from the Women Tech Council, at a She Tech event in Salt Lake City. The Women Tech Council is a nonprofit organization that aims to increase the number of women in tech by providing mentoring, visibility, opportunities, and networking. She Tech program provides role models and mentors to high school girls, exposing them to technology and entrepreneurship. The event includes a tech challenge, hands-on experiences with technology, and meeting mentors and role models. The goal is to change girls' lives by exposing them to people and industries they might not otherwise be able to access.

Becky Wright is the founder and CEO of Proximity, a platform designed to help political candidates connect with voters more effectively. Proximity aims to address the inefficiencies of traditional campaigns by consolidating all of the resources needed for a campaign into one platform. It is a nonpartisan platform that helps good leaders become great candidates and levels the playing field. Becky is a natural-born leader who believes in civic engagement and encourages people to become more involved in politics to make a meaningful difference in their communities. Proximity is specifically built for down-ballot elections so that it can be more representative of those who are in your area. If you plan to run for office or know someone who is, Proximity provides the tools to help you be successful.

Up next is Rob Gehring, CEO of Swire Coca-Cola USA. Swire Coca-Cola is a powerhouse bottling company that operates in 13 western US states and several Asian countries. They have partnered with Coca-Cola Company to manufacture, produce, and distribute their products. They are confident that technology is the key enabler in delivering their products to consumers efficiently and safely. They have set a bold goal of having 50% female leaders by 2030 and are committed to creating a diverse, high-performing team. Their latest innovation, Coca-Cola Spice, a new flavor with a hint of raspberry and spicy flavor, demonstrates their unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve. They are convinced that AI is the future of data processing and decision-making and are determined to harness its power to achieve their business goals. They know that AI is a valuable tool that can be used positively, and they will continue leveraging it to drive their business forward confidently.

Joining us now is Jeff Moss, Associate Commissioner of the Innovation Utah Innovation Fund and something to do with the System of Higher Education. Jeff explains that Utah's goal is to make higher education more impactful from an economic development and innovation perspective. The aim is not just to benefit students but also to impact society and the economy. Jeff has been supporting the Women Tech Council event for quite some time and thinks that more needs to be done to promote the participation of females in technology. He has been in the tech sector for over 20 years and helped to secure funding for the event through the legislature last session. Jeff is impressed with the size of the event, as there are thousands of young girls attending. He believes that the Women Tech Council event will help to promote interest in the STEM space and will ultimately lead to more diverse and better employees, something that is important for the economy.

Closing this episode with Alan is Vance Checketts, the CEO of Auticon US, a technology talent partner with a twist. Autocon US has an incredible 81% of their team comprising individuals with autism, particularly in technology roles like data analytics, quality assurance, and development, which leverage new technologies like artificial intelligence. When asked about building diverse teams, Vance shares that the whole company was built on embracing diversity and different ideas. He is also on the board of the Women Tech Council, which aims to encourage more women to pursue careers in technology. He believes that having diversity in leadership is key to having diverse teams and companies. Vance finds potential employees through various channels, and people often find Autocon US themselves. If you're interested in Autocon US, you can visit their global website at or their US website at

Alan recently attended the Women Tech Council SheTech Explorer Day, which saw over 4,000 high school girls exploring the booths of various tech companies. One such company was, whose Vice President of Engineering, Sean Kirkby, spoke about their three divisions: Customer Experience, Financial Crime Solutions, and Public Safety and Justice, with a focus on Customer Experience. Sean, who was also a volunteer mentor, encouraged the girls to believe in themselves and explore their interests in technology. The event provided an excellent opportunity for young girls to understand the available opportunities and showcase their skills.

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  • [00:13:00] Rob Gehring
  • [00:20:50] Jefferson Moss
  • [00:30:34] Vance Checketts
  • [00:37:38] Sean Kirkby