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Entrepreneur Weekly

Mar 30, 2024

Alan attended the She Tech Explorer Day event hosted by the Women Tech Council. Dr. Susan R. Madsen, founding director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project, joined him to discuss this event. The event had 4,000 high school girls and was different from other trade shows because of the sound of the girls. The event allowed girls to see themselves in technology and other fields, and it also showed them that they can be mothers and entrepreneurs simultaneously. Utah is working towards bridging the gender pay gap and making positive changes.  

This program aims to shift things in Utah in just seven years, which would take 3-4 decades without it. The program is focused on five categories: safety and security, education, health and well-being, workforce, and poverty and homelessness. The program aims to coordinate efforts to identify gaps and find resources to shift things in a fast and effective way. Women in tech and women in STEM are critical areas for change.

 Amelia Wilcox - Founder and CEO of Nivati Amelia Wilcox, the CEO and founder of Nivati, was invited to speak at a women's council of tech explorers and entrepreneurs. Her talk focused on the endless opportunities in science and tech for high school students. As a female leader herself, Amelia knows firsthand the challenges that come with the role. She emphasized that having the courage, grit, confidence, and faith in oneself is essential for leadership. Amelia encourages young people to find a supportive network and be true to themselves to reach their full potential. Her inspiring message is a call to action for all aspiring leaders, regardless of gender.

Jessica Gelman is a successful businesswoman who holds multiple roles, including the CEO of Craft Analytics Group (KAGR), part-owner of the Utah Royals, and a board member of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL). KAGR helps professional sports teams and leagues understand their fans better through analytics. The company has worked with major leagues such as the NFL, 76ers, Sacramento Kings, and Eagles. KAGR was formed based on the knowledge gained from Jessica's experience running the Patriots' business operations. Jessica is also part of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference, which focuses on using analytics to drive change in women's sports. She is actively involved with the Utah Royals, bringing an analytics focus to women's sports.Analytics, a crucial differentiator, empowers women and girls who are often underrepresented in the sports industry. It provides them with a powerful voice, enabling them to stand out in a male-dominated business setting. This is the transformative impact that Jessica and KAGR are striving to bring to the industry.

The Larry H Miller Group is a family investment firm with diverse business interests, including owning one of the largest automotive dealer groups in the country, the Utah Jazz, and investments in real estate, healthcare, sports, and entertainment. CEO Steve Starks participated in the She Tech Explorer Day event to inspire high school-aged girls to pursue careers in technology and business. He emphasizes the need for equal opportunities and upward mobility for women in the workplace. The company has three female executives on the highest level of the company's hierarchy.

Join us on our next episode as Alan continues with part III of the Women Tech Council, She Tech Explorer Day.

  • [00:00:00] Susan R. Madsen
  • [00:07:18] STEM
  • [00:13:00] Amelia Wilcox - Founder and CEO of Nivati
  • [00:20:50] Jessica Gelman - CEO and Investor of (KAGR)
  • [00:30:34] Jessica Gelman
  • [00:37:38] Steve Starks