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Entrepreneur Weekly

Mar 17, 2018

In our continued coverage of the 2018 Digital Marketer Traffic & Conversion Summit, this episode will focus on topics including CRM software solutions, work/life balance, and keeping man's best friend in optimal health. First up, are you struggling to manage customer relationships manually? As your business grows, in can be increasingly difficult to maintain important client connections. Infusionsoft is #1 for small business CRM solutions; Co-Founder and CEO, Clate Mask, explains how you can simplify your sales funnel and automate marketing campaigns without losing that personal touch your customers love. Then, if you feel like achieving work/life balance is tantamount to finding the last unicorn, you won't want to miss our heartfelt interview with President and CEO of The Agency 8 (A Division of Step Into Your Power Ltd.), Susan Sly. After receiving a devastating multiple sclerosis diagnosis, Susan found herself homeless and drowning in debt. Today, she runs a multimillion dollar company and is on a mission to help other female entrepreneurs become profitable without becoming 'addicted to the grind.' Next, world-renowned social media influencer and digital marketer, Lori Taylor, fills us in on her latest passion project to help dogs and cats live healthier, happier lives; discover how TruPet LLC is making waves the pet space. This episode features special guest co-hosts; Amanda Holmes of Chet Holmes International, Randy Garn of Skipio, and Scott Duffy of Scott Duffy Media. 

  • [00:00:00] Infusionsoft: CRM Platform for Small Business
  • [00:06:13] Overcome Growing Pains, Build Momentum
  • [00:11:30] Powerfully Simple Marketing & Sales Software
  • [00:18:21] Are You Addicted to the Grind?
  • [00:26:58] TruDog Takes on Pet Food Industry
  • [00:33:22] Raising Consciousness, Promoting Pet Health