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Entrepreneur Weekly

Apr 1, 2018

No More BS: Learn How to Trust Your Gut and Sell ANYTHING!

Does the thought of public speaking leave you shaking in your boots? Whether you're talking in front of a large audience, an intimate board room, or even a camera, don't let your fear get in the way of your performance. Dustin Mathews, co-author of No BS Guide to Powerful Presentations, reveals five core components to craft a winning sales pitch. Then, the self-professed Beyoncé of paleo, Mary Shenouda, has rocketed Phat Fudge to over one million dollars in sales in two short years. We find out how Mary single-handedly built her food empire by leveraging social media and trusting her gut, literally. Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes International, joins our host, Alan Taylor, as we discover the secrets to making an impact on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, restrictive algorithms and all.

  • [00:00:00] Overcoming a Fear of Public Speaking
  • [00:05:25] Choreograph Sales & Marketing Teams
  • [00:11:30] 5 Components of Winning Presentations
  • [00:18:21] From Zero to Hero: Phat Fudge Scales Up
  • [00:25:52] Leading with Compassion & Authenticity
  • [00:33:22] Trust Your Gut, Know When to Pivot