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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jul 31, 2021

Alan welcomes Dr. Sanjeev Khagram - Dean and director general of Thunderbird School of Global Management, ASU Foundation Professor of Global Leadership, and a member of ASU's Global Institute of Sustainability's board of directors.  Khagram discuss the need for a master’s Program in Space Policy. 12 key technologies that are changing this world A.I., MACHINE LEARNING, AR VR XR, BLOCKCHAIN, QUANTUM COMPUTING, and SPACE TECHNOLOGY to name a few. He says there is a huge demand for Global leaders, managers, professionals in the state factor.  Alan asks what some of the issues are and or opportunities facing entrepreneurs when it comes to outer space.  Geopolitical and environmental challenges are but a few issues, transforming our planet socially, economically, and environmentally is where the opportunity lies for one to be a part of that.  They discuss Spaceforce and its benefits such as peace and cooperation and to have collaboration from people all over the world.  Alan say’s our minds have untapped potential. Who is this program for?  Entrepreneurs who want to create the startup of the future, engineers, those in government, aerospace engineers, military, veterans, and officers to name a few.  Space is important for entrepreneurs and businesses. Masters in Global Creative Industry is next, and they are hoping to reach 100 million learners.


Alan welcomes his next guest, Dr. Robert Flower - Author and leading authority on potential & achievement.  What is your potential?  They have discovered the potential molecule.  A process within the human psyche that identifies the way we think...not what we think.  Dr. Flower discovered we all have this potential molecule.  Intelligence is a free spirit energy.  Once you learn it’s principles, you’ll become smarter.  People don’t understand thinking and or intelligence because we think in chaos instead of structured thinking.  Cognitive engineering is the assessment that measures various factors to show people the proper or best pathway to pursue their thinking, and most importantly it gives you a sense of purpose.  Mission things that you should be doing in your daily life to keep you on track.  Motto:  Potential is the essence of humanity.  The love of money doesn’t help develop. mind and emotions and spirit.  What is your Why? Dr. Robert Flower discusses the Higher level of potential or achievement.  What’s stopping you?  Dr. Flower says because of 4 Significant restrictors; 85% fear, 65% ego, 60% ignorance, and deception (self).

  • [00:00:00] The Need for Global Leaders
  • [00:05:04] Spaceforce
  • [00:11:31] Who Is The Program For?
  • [00:18:21] Potential Molecule
  • [00:25:50] Assessment
  • [00:33:22] 4 Restrictors