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Entrepreneur Weekly

Nov 27, 2021

Alan welcomes Roy Sharples  - President, CEO & Founder of Unknown Origins.  Alan inquires about the statement “Philosophy starts in the Bedroom”.  Roy explains in the bedroom is where you as a child dealt with imagination and wonder.  The more you go through life and are able to retain the childlike wonder, helps keep you creative.  Power of creativity.  Picasso always believed that children are artists.  Alan asked, "Who is Roy?"  Roy is on a mission to save the world from unoriginality and unleashing creative power.  Bringing new products and services to market.  My creativity is the ability to make the invisible visible by taking what is not and creating what is.  And it manifests.  Embracing originality and making unique connections.  To light the way into the future.  Channel your passion and energy into creativity.  To create meaningful outcomes for the future.  Self Actualization.  To leave the world in a better place. Creativity…How does a person tap into those unknown origins?  Creativity exists in everyone.  Address it holistically. 5 principles- Imagination, innovations, esthetics, entrepreneurship, and manifestation.  Imagination - create and make new things about seeing the unseen, navigating the journey by invoking magic and delight. Turning your imagination into art.  Innovation - experimenting with technology.  Cross pollinate across multiple practices.  Esthetics - ability to blend art and science with excellence with your crafts.  Inspiration and culture.  Entrepreneur - ability to fearlessly lead to the invisible horizons to be productive and resilient.  Manifestation - breakthrough conventional values, manifest what’s in you and what’s around you and turn that into something creative.  Dream, Make, and Do.  Dream - Envisioning  Make - Using convergent thinking, and construct to bring to light  Do - Fine Tune, Bringing it to life.  

Alans next guest is Danielle Cohn - Vice President of Start-Up Engagement and Head of Comcast NBC Universal.  Powered by TechStars.  What is Start-Up?  We sit within the strategic development team.  Early lens for future growth areas.  Bringing together leaders from across the company, work side by side strategically aligned global start ups.  To drive a startup mindset back into our already innovative teams, develop startup partnerships at the earliest stage to enhance customer and employee lives, make an impact in the startup communities.  Spot early disruptions, emerging technologies and platforms.  Alan says you're always looking for the next big thing.  In the world we are living in today, things are changing at such a rapid rate. Danielle says they are founder focus.  Content platforms are what they search for.   Talking to founders all around the world. Collaborate together.   How aspiring entrepreneurs can better refine their process?  Strong leaders who have a point of view, are transparent in their feedback, listen to themselves, they hire a diverse group of team members that bring varying ideas and expertise to the table. They focus on the most important outcomes that drive results.  Networking and communication.  Business development.  Comcast is an investment company.  Mentors that spend a lot of time with the companies to develop their businesses. What do large companies look for in startups?  Are at the forefront, are always looking for partnerships that are strategically aligned with our business goals and growth areas.  Media, entertainment, connectivity, sports, content platform.  Technology and innovations that can enhance our customers and employees.  Collaboration across  the world as teams. 

  • [00:00:00] Philosophy 101
  • [00:05:59] Creativity without Frontiers
  • [00:11:30] Dream, Make, Do
  • [00:18:50] start-Up
  • [00:27:18] Network and Communication
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