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Entrepreneur Weekly

Aug 21, 2021

Listen up Entrepreneurs!  Alan welcomes Lindsay Teague Moreno - Author of WAKE UP! The Powerful Guide to Changing Your Mind About What It Means to Really Live.” (link below) She is also the author of Boss Up! It’s about the idea that there is a replicable set of things that people can do that work across any kind of business.  What do I need to do to start up a successful business? How and where do I even start?  Boss Up!  Will walk you through what you need to do to get your business or idea that has been in your heart come to life.  Alan and Lindsay talk about her next book, Wake Up! It’s about Lindsay’s journey to success.  She discusses the important questions like, am I being fulfilled by this?  Is this working for me?  Reaching that good life with the 6 cornerstones of life business, work, financial, health, personal, and spiritual.   What does it mean to really live?   Alan shares a story with Lindsay in hopes she can share her great wisdom.  Accepting your challenges and knowing it’s supposed to be difficult.  Lindsay says tragedy triggers the thought that there must be more in life.  Finding the catalyst and breaking your life down into what has value.  To connect them to 6 cornerstones to a happier life.  We all have in us the capability of being happy and successful in life.  Wake Up 100! Alan wants the tidbits from Lindsay.  100-day challenge, pick 1 of the 6 cornerstones and do it for 100 days to make it a habit. Go at it hard!  And then you will be able to decide if you are being fulfilled, happy, does this work for me?  Am I better or worse?  This is where you will be able to tweak it to make it work for you.  Next Alan welcomes Kerry Goyette and Bryce Murray PhD - Kerry is a Behavioral Scientist & the Founder of Aperio Consulting Group. Bryce is the Director of Technology and Data Science at Aperio Consulting Group. Alan opens about his thoughts on A.I. Should I fear it asks Alan?  Kerry says yes, but don't avoid it.  A.I. is emerging and here to stay.  To have humans and technology evolve together to work for a better future.  Bryce talks about the explain-ability path. Understanding computational intelligence in 3 different areas.  Alan says at the end of the day, he has to do some self-analysis.  What psychometrics can I use to determine how successful an entrepreneur can be?  Ambition, drive, and perseverance.  Resilience to work through failures.  Some have derailing tendencies, or sabotage, unintentionally setting themselves up to fail. Successful entrepreneurs who have efficient tendencies, create their own community with advisors and mentors to protect them from failure.  Bryce say’s don’t be afraid of A.I., make the data work for you.


  • [00:00:00] Boss Up!
  • [00:05:38] Wake Up!
  • [00:11:29] 6 Cornerstones
  • [00:18:19] 100-Day Challenge
  • [00:23:47] To Be, or Not To Be, Afraid?
  • [00:33:20] Make It Work For You


WAKE UP! The Powerful Guide to Changing Your Mind About What It Means to Really Live.” - Lindsay Teague Moreno