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Entrepreneur Weekly

Jun 1, 2019

Our character is often formed by the experiences of our past and the choices we make on how to deal with those experiences. It turns out that with a little hard work, we can change the narrative we’ve written in our minds and become more successful people. We begin the hour with Megan Fenyo, Founder of the I Am Enough Movement and Author of You Are Enough”, who explains how through her struggles she found strength. She shares her story about an abusive childhood, a toxic marriage, and how, after it all, she took back her life. Hear five steps that can help you overcome your negative self-talk and pave a new path toward success. Then, we learn about the power of giving back from Andrew Steel, lead actor in Wish Man, and Founder and President of Flicks 4 Change. He discusses the amazing opportunity he’s been given to play Frank Shankwitz, Founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation, in the film. Andrew also explains how he learned that service to those in need comes before personal rewards and how that principle has made an enormous impact on his life. If you are ready to be a part of something bigger, listen for Andrew’s tips on helping others while your own dreams are realized.

  • [00:00:00] Overcoming Toxic Thought Patterns
  • [00:05:45] Moving From Struggles to Strength
  • [00:11:30] Five Steps to Knowing You’re Enough
  • [00:18:20] Giving Back Against All Odds
  • [00:26:03] Mysterious Ways of The Universe
  • [00:33:21] Give Back First, Rewards Later